Company Description

Next Generation Point of Care Platform

SpinChip Diagnostics is developing a game changing and proprietary platform for in vitro diagnostics point of care analyses. The platform will make it possible to perform a broader range of analyses using one platform and to transfer analyses from central laboratories to point of care without loss in quality. All analyses are performed within a few minutes based on a fraction of a droplet of blood and at a unit cost significantly lower than other point of care platforms.

The SpinChip platform represents a quantum leap within advanced and ultrafast multianalyte point of care in vitro diagnostics. This is obtained by combining patented, game changing technologies within lab-on-a-chip microfluidics and assaying with unique ultrasensitive chemistries and two proprietary readout technologies.

The flexibility and efficiency of the combined technologies makes the SpinChip platform truly versatile both in sample processing, assaying and measurements. The platform will be applied to multiple clinical fields utilising the optimal fluidics and readout required. SpinChip has presently two assaying concepts in pipeline respectively for high sensitivity cardiac Troponin I and CRP.

Grotmol Solutions is an investor in SpinChip Diagnostics.