Company Description

Energy Micro’s mission is to create revolutionary products that enable all things to be smart, connected and energy friendly

Energy Micro was a global provider of energy friendly microcontrollers and RF transceivers based on the ARM® Cortex™ processor core. Consuming a quarter of the energy of competing products, the company’s ultra low power EFM32 Gecko MCUs and EFR4 Draco radios target energy sensitive applications, including smart metering, building automation, security systems and portable heath and fitness equipment. The products are supported by Energy Micro’s Simplicity Studio, an easy-to-use software console helping to reduce embedded system development times by a half.

Energy Micro was acquired by Silicon Laboratories, Inc. for $170 million in June 2013.

Øyvind served as Special Advisor to Energy Micro from the inception, and later took a role as VP of Simplicity.