Company Description

We support small scale farmers in their fight against hunger and poverty

We are working towards a world without hunger. If the global community is willing, we can eradicate hunger. As long as she is given the opportunity, the poor rural farmer would be capable of growing more food than she and her family needs, thereby ensuring that they have enough food for the following year as well. She would also be able to sell any surplus produce so that her children can go to school and visit a doctor the next time they are sick. This is how poverty is eradicated.

Never before has the relationship between food and environmental issues been more apparent. Food production is threatened by climate changes and the exploitation of natural resources. The most impoverished parts of the world are the areas that suffer the most.

The Development Fund works side by side with the world’s poorest farmers. We assist partners and farmers in the field and gain knowledge and inspiration from them. Together we engage in the fight against inequality and work towards a sustainable world. We fight against the destruction of the environment and lead the way towards sustainable agriculture.

The Development Fund supports poor farmers in their struggles to feed themselves, get out of poverty and to preserve the environment. The Development Fund has since 1978 supported self help projects to increase food production and preserve the environment. We focus on development work in rural areas and have projects in Ethiopia, Malawi, Somaliland, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala.

Grotmol Solutions has a long-term cooperation agreement with Utviklingsfondet, and has supported the organization since 2009.