Company Description

Robust & reliable neoantigen prediction to empower the next generation cancer immunotherapies.

OncoImmunity is a bioinformatics company offering proprietary machine-learning based software to address the key knowledge gaps in the prediction of bone fide immunogenic neoantigens for personalized cancer immunotherapy.

OncoImmunity is dedicated to develop software solutions that facilitate effective patient selection for cancer immunotherapy, and identify optimal neoantigen targets for truly personalised cancer vaccines & cell therapies in a clinically actionable time-frame.

Headquartered at the Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator (OCCI), Norway, OncoImmunity AS was founded in 2014 and backed by capital financing from the Norwegian Radiumhospital Research Foundation (RadForsk), the Norwegian Cancer Society and private software investors including Founders Fund and Grotmol Solutions.

In 2019, NEC Corporation acquired OncoImmunity. NEC OncoImmunity continues its mission, based out of Oslo, Norway.

Grotmol Solutions was an investor in OncoImmunity, and √ėyvind was an Advisor to the company.