Company Description

Zivid is the world’s most accurate real-time 3D color camera, defining the future of 3D machine vision. Zivid with its unique specifications can be the eyes of your robot, ensure more robust performance and enable automation of tasks that were previously difficult or impossible to automate.

Zivid comes in a rugged, compact and lightweight industrial packaging ready to be mounted directly on a robot or in the robot’s vicinity, for applications such as:

  • Object recognition & classification
  • Pick & place
  • In-line quality control
  • Kitting and robotic assembly operations
  • Automatic processing of food products
  • Research & development

Zivid Labs AS is a spin-out from SINTEF ICT, which is Scandinavia’s largest independent research institute. Its founders, Øystein Skotheim and Henrik Schumann-Olsen, have more than 15 years of experience within optical sensors and 3D machine vision for robotics and automation.

Øyvind serves as Advisor to Zivid Labs.