Grotmol Solutions AS is an investment firm providing seed and venture capital to startups within the fields of artificial intelligence, life sciences, software and electronics. The firm was established by Øyvind Grotmol in Oslo, Norway in 2008. Øyvind is an experienced entrepreneur with deep technical expertise, who can guide startups at both a strategic and technological level. Øyvind holds a M.Sc. in electronics from Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and has won medals in the International Mathematical Olympiad, the International Physics Olympiad, and the ACM International Programming Contest World’s Finals.

We believe in applying the power of technology and capital to change the world for the better

Grotmol Solutions has a long-term cooperation and support agreement with Utviklingsfondet, which supports small scale farmers in their fight against hunger and poverty, and leads the way towards sustainable agriculture. We have also made a seed impact investment in GRIT, which has reinvented the wheelchair for developing countries.

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